1:1 Nutrition Coaching

VIP Coaching

My VIP coaching packages are designed to give you 1:1 attention and support. We will work together on weekly or bi-weekly coaching calls, depending on the level of support you choose.

I will teach you a self-coaching framework to help you upgrade your thinking and design a lifestyle to help you achieve your intentions. These packages require a minimum 6-month commitment. 

Signature Coaching

My signature coaching package is a step down from the VIP package. You receive many of the same benefits, but with less frequent communication. 

This package is only available to clients who have completed a 6-month VIP package and is designed to help you maintain the intentions you set in the VIP package. In this maintenance program, you will transition to more independence.

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I offer two coaching packages for whatever level of support you need to take you through my TRUST Method to STOP dieting and find your body’s happy weight without endless hours of cardio or a restrictive diet:

Tap into your mind and find your why- create awareness of the diet mindset, ditch the diet mentality, introduction to self-coaching

Reconnect your mind and body- Rediscover your body’s cues: Honor Your Hunger, Discover Satisfaction, Feel Your Fullness

Understand Your Thoughts/Feelings/Behaviors- Challenge the Food Police, Cope with Your Emotions with Kindness

Stop fighting with food and your body- Make Peace with Food and Respect Your Body

True Health through self-care not self-control- Joyful Movement, Gentle Nutrition


We live in a world that glamorizes weight loss and the idea that thinner is better. And as you go through this program, you will explore your desire to change your body. But weight loss is not the main goal of this program. We will work together to find the weight where your body feels the best both physically and mentally. We will focus on non-scale victories such as improvements in mood, energy, digestion, sleep, stress management, and mindset. You do not have to be completely without the desire to lose weight to join the program, but you should be curious and have an open mind to exploring new things.

The investment for the program can vary depending on the level of support needed for each client. If you are interested, please fill out my application, and schedule a free call where I can learn more about you and we decide if this program is a good fit for you. During the call, I can explain more about how the program works, provide a roadmap, and we can discuss the different payment options. I do offer payment plans to fit your needs.

The program is a good fit for you if you want to:

  • Get off the rollercoaster of dieting and restricting/bingeing.
  • Design a lifestyle you love where you stress less over food and movement.
  • Have an “all foods fit” mentality and enjoy all foods with guilt and anxiety.

This program is NOT for you if you:

  • Currently have an active eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia.
  • Are only looking for quick weight loss or fad diet to follow.
  • Are not willing to commit 1-2 hours each week on the between-session journaling and work sheet activities.
  • Are not at least 18 years of age

The coaching packages are a minimum of 6 months in length.  Most clients find that a commitment of at least 6-9 months is needed for the most benefits to be obtained.

If you have been dieting your entire life, the TRUST method was created just for you! In this program, we will explore your dieting history, learn what dieting does to your metabolism, what your set point weight is, and finally rid yourself of the diet mentality forever!

Please fill out my application to apply for coaching. We will then schedule a discovery call to dertermine if we are a good fit to work together

Depending on which package you choose, we will meet weekly or bi-weekly via phone for coaching.  Between sessions, you can submit a question via my secure, online client portal and I will respond within 24-48 hours.

At this time, LovetteWell Nutrition Co., LLC, does not accept payment through private insurance coverage, Medicare, or Medicaid.  We are able to provide you with a Superbill upon request that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement for out-of-network benefits.  Please understand that a Superbill does not guarantee nutrition counseling reimbursement, so please check with your insurance provider prior to your appointment to determine if nutrition counseling is covered in your plan.  


My approach is individualized and includes work in intuitive eating, mindfulness, curiosity, and self-compassion. I help you learn how to take care of yourself in in all areas including food, movement, stress management, coping skills, sleep habits, boundary setting, and more. 

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