Are you ready to be diet and obsession free?

Learn how to stop dieting and find peace with food, your body, and movement.

Hi! I'm Anyea!

I am a registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor. And after a 15-year career in dietetics, mainly focusing on weight management and bariatric surgery, I had this gnawing feeling that something was just not right and I was not truly helping people. But I could not put my finger on what was wrong. 

I then discovered Intuitive Eating and could not look back. I went on my own Intuitive Eating journey and it changed my life. I went from a place of self-control with under-eating and over-exercising to a place of self-care without the obsession of weight and food.

To truly reject the diet mentality and find an alternative solution to the “lifestyle changes” that have not worked for you, you need support and that is where I can help you. I will teach you a self-coaching framework to help you upgrade your thinking.

I offer two coaching packages for whatever level of support you need to take you through the TRUST Method to STOP dieting and find peace with food, body, and movement so you can finally focus on what truly matters and live the life of their dreams.

Tap into your mind and find your why- create awareness of the diet mindset, ditch the diet mentality, introduction to self-coaching to upgrade your thinking and get the results you want

Reconnect your mind and body- Rediscover your body’s cues: Honor Your Hunger, Discover Satisfaction, Feel Your Fullness

Understand Your Thoughts/Feelings/Behaviors- Challenge the Food Police, Cope with Your Emotions with Kindness

Stop fighting with food and your body- Make Peace with Food and Respect Your Body

Transform your approach to health from a place of restriction and control to self-care- Joyful Movement, Gentle Nutrition


Is this you?

  • You are jumping from diet to diet always in search of the “one” but nothing works long-term.
  • You have lost and regained the same weight again and again.
  • You feel guilty when you eat [chocolate, pasta, chips, carbs etc.] and can’t trust yourself around food.
  • You find yourself thinking about what you SHOULD eat instead of what you WANT to eat.
  • You struggle with “all-or-nothing” or “black-and-white” thinking (i.e. you are “on” or “off” a diet, no in between).
  • You feel burned out and have low energy.
  • You feel out of control around certain foods so you avoid them altogether.
  • You are sick and tired of your brain space being taken up by food, body, and exercise thoughts.
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